Axis-Tec was founded in 2004 by a team of passionate and dynamic engineers as a design and engineering company. The team specializes in the application of industrial automation and in manufacturing assembly, with a key focus in providing customer-centric engineering solutions.

As a precision engineering player, Axis-Tec utilises cutting-edge precision engineering technologies to design, engineer and machine complex components that adhere to the highest quality standards and lowest technical tolerance for global clients in the electronics, manufacturing, semiconductor, aerospace and oil & gas industries.

In 2012, the Axis-Tec reorganized and consolidated it resources and ideas to improve its core capabilities. This included investments in high precision technologies and advance manufacturing solution.

With the consolidation, the Axis-Tec was able to extend the services it provides, developing the capability to provide full stack solutions which include application consultancy, manufacturing design and customized test measurement and handling systems.

Axis-Tec again reorganized itself in 2016-2017 to further shore up their core capabilities as well as to conduct research into the growing Si-Ph and Optical industries. Moving forward, Axis-Tec aims to be a leading Singapore-based OEM for wafer-level test and Micro assemblies technologies.




Our team consists of a good mix of experienced and young engineers. All of whom shared common interests in Engineering, Technology and Innovation. Engineers constantly bring in fresh ideas, balancing them with tried and tested methods. Seniors take on an additional active role of coaching, while juniors are encouraged to take initiative and excel.

Having a Multi-Discipline Engineering team also promotes constant interaction and feedback towards a shared goal of customer success. When it comes to problems solving, there is no differentiation of seniority or Engineering Discipline. We advocate good Engineering Fundamentals and strong Communication Skills.

Great trust with teammates have been built over the years which led to strong growth within our company and translates to customers successes. The thirst for knowledge and success drives us to meet and exceed all customer expectations and attend to all our customers needs. Our engineers strive on challenges, limited only by our own desire and drive, both of whom are aplenty at Axis-Tec.

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