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Conceptualisation and implementation of customised solutions tailored to clients’ automation needs to enrich process control and reduce cycle time, with corresponding improvements in production efficiency and reductions in investment costs.

Product TEST

Provision of reliable test solutions for test fixture, software interfacing and the extension of dedicated PCB circuit design, with the ability to support analogue, digital, and highspeed integrated circuitry devices and an array of other applications.


Supporting customers’ need for precision tooling design and analysis, precision
measurement, engineering and calibrations including reverse engineering, calibration, inspection services, fabrication and material characterisation.


Development of comprehensive software solutions to cover services like customised process control, test and measurement of electronics system, control for industries automation, to providing a complete package of manufacturing database solution.


Provision of service to customise and optimise active optical alignment process &
assembly, incorporating knowledge in precision mechanical engineering, electronics & optoelectronics instruments and complex software alignment methods to deliver high accuracy, cost-effective precision assemblies.


Delivering customised systems integration solutions and services, to support first-hand applications, adherence to new industry requirement in areas of test and for assembly, to ultimately introduce a manufacturing automation system through a turnkey solution.

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