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Press Release


Advanced Micro Foundry Pte Ltd and Axis-Tec Pte Ltd to jointly develop Si Photonics Wafer Level Testing System and Methodology      


Advanced Micro Foundry Pte Ltd (AMF), a leading commercial pure-play Silicon Photonics specialty foundry and Axis-Tec, a provider of automatic wafer level testers for optical and optical-electrical couplers, entered into a Memorandum of Understanding to jointly develop Silicon Photonics Wafer Level Testing System and Methodology for standard industrial solutions.


Silicon Photonics is a rapidly developing technology playing a critical role in the development of data communication, telecommunication, and leading-edge sensing technologies like Solid-State LiDAR.

The growing demand in these areas – ranging from High-Speed Data Center Interconnect technology and the deployment of 400G, to the adoption of Solid-State LiDAR in autonomous vehicle – will drive larger wafer volumes and the need for standardized wafer level testing solutions that will enable rapid yield improvement cycle time and hence faster time to market.


By combining their expertise, AMF and Axis-Tec will develop integrated Wafer Level Testing hardware, software, testing structures, and testing methodologies specifically optimized for Si Photonics wafers. These solutions will be developed using Axis-Tec metrology systems equipped with Active Alignment Probe and validated in AMF volume manufacturing environment. They will cover both inline and outgoing wafer level testing and will focus on fast cycle time to support cost-effective manufacturing offerings.


The availability of such testing equipment and methodology will shorten the development cycle time of innovative Si Photonics products and play a key role in high quality manufacturing.


Dr Patrick Lo, Chief Technology Officer of AMF mentioned that “wafer level testing is a key component to make Si Photonics the de facto solution for rapidly growing technologies. The testing solutions that will be developed through this partnership will help our customers shorten their development cycle time by providing a rapid insight into the performance of their devices and products and will also play a key role in supporting high volume production with high yields”.


Mr. Vincent Ong, Managing Director of Axis-Tec added that “the deployment of our automated testing system at AMF has proven successful in improving testing quality and efficiency. Together with AMF, we strongly believe that this new step in our partnership will enable a quantum leap forward in the drive towards standardization of wafer level testing procedures for Silicon Photonics and will lead to more efficient and cost-effective solutions.”



Advanced Micro Foundry Pte Ltd

Advanced Micro Foundry Pte Ltd (AMF) is a commercial pure-play foundry based in Singapore. The company provides innovative Si Photonics solutions for advanced applications and offers customized manufacturing services with competitive cycle times based on unique platforms. Services range from MPW to prototyping and large volume manufacturing services for product deployment.





Axis-Tec Pte Ltd

Axis-tec, a subsidiary of Singapore mainboard-listed Ellipsiz Ltd, is actively engaged in the development of test systems and active alignment equipment.  To support the growing challenges of wafer-level production testing in new technology such as silicon photonics, Axis-tec develops automatic wafer level tester for optical and optical electrical couplers with active alignment probe.  As a provider of customized test equipment for several different industries, Axis-Tec has developed a full-featured system with an automated alignment feature for testing and assembly to reduce testing time and optimize test setup for accurate and repeatable measurements. Axis-tec is a member of the LUX Consortium.




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