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We are a Precision Engineering company with a strong focus on creativity and a desire to develop.


We enjoy the art of engineering.


We strive to DO IT RIGHT, which means we must comprehend every problem we encounter, who we serve, and how we must deliver. In the end, everything comes down to our customers' pleasure. That is our goal: to do the right thing right, which is nature of Axis-tec.

MAKE IT DIFFERENTLY, discovering unique solutions resulted in a high level of creativity in our delivery. We make every effort to make it brilliantly.

Over the years, Axis-tec has developed to a choice of supplier, with a reputation for innovative solution. Customers benefit from significant cost savings and a significant improvement in their product they pay for.


Axis-Tec was founded in 2004, is a company that provides engineering design and customisation of automated manufacturing test and assembly systems, with an emphasis on creating creative and customer-centric solutions. Serving major multinational corporations, B2B electronics, consumable electronics, semiconductors, aerospace, medical, automotive, and research institutes throughout Asia.

Axis-tec Pte Ltd is now repositioning itself to be more actively involved in the development of silicon photonics industry test systems and active alignment equipment. With the growth of optical test and assembly requirements in the Silicon Photonics industry, as well as the increased demand for highly precise and repeatable alignment of test and assemblies, with current core competences and our technology that has been advanced over the years , Axis-tec is successfully developed many full-featured systems with an automated active alignment for testing and assembly to support fast testing time and optimize test setup for ac Axis-tec has also introduced an automated wafer level tester with optical and optical electrical couplers, as well as an active alignment probe, in recent years.

Ellipsiz Ltd. acquired a 51 percent stake in Axis-Tec in 2019, bringing the company's global reach to a wider range of international consumers. This will accelerate the growth for Axis-Tec become a globally recognized OEM for wafer-level testing, micro assembly, and test automation in the future.

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It is our goal to support our customers as leaders in their industries by incorporating creativity and innovation in all our processes and technology.


AXIS-TEC strives to be your solution partner In automated processes, providing capabilities beyond human limits through a digital transformation.

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